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Definition and technical conditions of tension clamp

Date:2019-11-30 01:46:30 click:9

Tension clamps are used to fix wires or lightning conductors on the string of insulators of tensile pole towers, to play an anchoring role, or to fix the wires of pole towers. 

Tension clamp should meet the following technical conditions:

(1) The grip strength of the tension clamp used in the substation is not less than that of the connected conductor;
Calculate 65% 12 times the breaking force;
(3) Both the outlet of the clamp and the outlet of the connecting pipe should be made into a smooth bell mouth;
(4) When the clamp as a conductor passes the maximum allowable current under the rated voltage for a long time, the temperature rise of the clamp is not greater than the temperature rise of the installed conductor;
(5) The resistance of the clamp is not greater than the resistance of the wire of equal length installed;
(6) When the clamp is subjected to electrical load, its current carrying capacity shall not be less than the current carrying capacity of the installed conductor.