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LHQA Type Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tool

Date:2019-11-21 06:29:53 click:19

LHQA Type Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tool

LHQA (LQA) stainless steel cable tie special tool adopts special imported blade, strong cutting force, suitable for combination tool of tensioning and cutting of cable tie of 25mm diameter steel belt.

Product Features:

It has long-lasting durability, faster pulling speed than general tools, strong cutting force, light weight, small size, convenient use and carrying, reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.


Stainless steel strap / strap / tape, stainless steel strap buckle / buckle / buckle, stainless steel strapping tool / stainless steel cable tie special tools.


1. Place the stainless steel strip in the open slot of the knife edge and the rotating shaft.

2. Move the gear handle back and forth to tighten the stainless steel strap.

3. Push the handle forward, pull the handle down, cut the strap, lock the buckle, and remove the tool.