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Suspension Clamp

Suspension Clamp

Code: PS1500
Name: Suspension Clamp

Description:For sus pensioning of LV ABC cables in an insulated messenger wire system (IMWS). Suitable for every climatic conditions. Bracket pre installed.

Technical Specification



Cable Size:16-95mm2


Breaking Load:15KN


Use:Suspension clamp with bracket for anchoring insulated messenger wire system. 

Construction:UV resistant plastic + Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy.

Installation: Messenger wire is installed into the groove and locked with the locking part.

Tools required: No tools required

Standard:NFC 33-042; EN 50-483

Plastic Part

PCS/CTN: 80pcs

Carton Size: 65*30*20cm

G.W./N.W.: 18/17KGS

Aluminum Part

PCS/CTN: 72pcs

Carton Size: 65*30*20cm

G.W./N.W.: 18/17KGS

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