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Suspension Insulator

Suspension Insulator



Rated voltage(KV) Rated mechanical tension load(KN) Structure of coupling marks

Structure height(mm)


Min.Electric arc distance(mm)


Min nominal creepage distance(mm) Full wave lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak value)not less than(kv) 1min power frequency wet withstand voltage not less than(kv)
10 70 16 370±15 170 400 115 45


1).Silicon Rubber for sheds/housing.

2).Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod (ECR type) for core.

3).Hot dip galvanized cast steel for metal fittings.

4).5000hours aging test from STRI Sweden & Prototype Test & Type Test & Factory Test ( Routine and Sampling Test ).

5).IEC / ANSI / GB standard.

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