Affinity group league building

Date:2020-08-19 10:11:31 click:607

      On the day of July 28th, the affinity group of one of Keyi's mentality improvement study groups studied together, summarizing the progress and deficiencies in July, and welcoming a better self in August.

We gathered at the company at 7 am, took our food and learning equipment and set off to Phoenix Mountain in Baishi. We reached the foot of the mountain at 7:40 and started climbing. The mountain is very high and the road is far away. Due to physical reasons, some members are waiting on the mountainside, but others are still moving forward. The air on the mountain is exceptionally fresh, and there are beautiful scenery along the way.

It took 2 hours for the mountaineering to end. We started our learning journey in a beautiful small mountainside pavilion. We summarized the status of ourselves and others in June, and we have grown up, and we have met the challenges of July with a better state. Finally, everyone wrote down the aspects of July that need to grow and ended this league building.

Hope we will get better and better in July!