CONWELL | Be a company with heart and charity with love

Date:2020-10-06 10:49:36 click:466

    Keyi Electric adheres to the formation of corporate culture while developing rapidly. Keyi adheres to the concept of "acting with others" to realize the harmonious development of customers, employees, and enterprises. At the same time, it also actively participates in social welfare undertakings and donation activities, and has accumulated more than 2 million charitable funds. It has made due responsibilities for building a harmonious society and has won many honors such as "Yueqing Charity Enterprise" and "Mother School".

    When the new crown pneumonia rages on China in 2020, the epidemic in Wuhan affects everyone's heart. At this moment, we saw Mr. Chen of Wuhan Shijia Eye Hospital actively purchasing medical supplies from Wenzhou and sending them to Wuhan. At that time, there was a shortage of funds. In order to make the love supplies quickly reach the hands of medical staff, Keyi Electric was private to private and point-to-point. Accurate placement, although the amount is not large, this is the heart of Keyi.

    Keyi Electric has been committed to charity and public welfare for many years, and it has also been praised by the industry. A love is a strength, a care is a hope. At the end of August 2020, the company's caring department learned that impoverished college students in Jiangxi were unable to enroll due to insufficient tuition. Afterwards, he actively contacted the local charity association, and after understanding the basic situation of the student, he urgently reported to the company’s general manager’s office, and promptly transferred the love funds to the local charity account, and transferred the student aid funds in before September so that the children can Enrolled smoothly and on time.

    In order to build a harmonious society, Keyi Electric is committed to promoting the long-term development of public welfare undertakings. No matter what kind of love it is, it needs to be realized in specific actions. We hope to use our own practical actions to call on more social forces to actively participate in charity public welfare undertakings, so that each of us can give out love specifically , Then, the world will be full of sunshine and become warmer. As the mission of Keyi, make the connection of electricity safer and more convenient, and convey light and warmth.