CONWELL | Cable buried and underwater wiring solutions

Date:2021-06-08 09:26:33 click:41

Three pains of outdoor wiring


1. Underground wiring

Safety hazards: In case of typhoon, flood and other natural disaster-prone areas, water in the cable joints caused by improper waterproofing. It is easy to cause bad consequences such as short circuit, power failure or even leakage.

      2. Underground wiring of sewer

Safety hazards: The cables are exposed to damp conditions for a long time and are prone to corrosion, causing power or communication network signal interruption or poor performance, difficult maintenance and high maintenance costs.

3. The line is placed underwater for a long time, and the circuit is frequently disconnected, and the maintenance cost is high

Safety hazards: When laying underground lines, some lines must pass underwater due to geographical location. In these places, the cable connection and branch processing involved can use resin joint kits. After using the waterproof box, the cable can be safely launched into the water.