CONWELL | Comprehensively promote the quality management system

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Self-examination during the COVID-19

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 swept the world. In those few months when the global economy was stagnant, CONWELL launched a comprehensive introspection mode, and extensively collected data, studied, analyzed, and compared, and added CONWELLs own management system on the basis of the management system. Culture, establish a quality system suitable for CONWELL itself.

Only by turning quality into a culture, going deep into every capillary of the company, and all employees have a common understanding of quality, can it be possible to advance towards "zero defect".

What is the quality management system?

The quality management system (ie ISO9001) refers to the management system that directs and controls the organization in terms of quality.The quality management system is a systematic quality management model established within the organization and necessary for achieving quality goals. It is a strategic decision of the organization.

It can be understood as covering the planning, implementation, monitoring, correction and improvement activities of the whole process from the determination of customer needs, design and development, production, inspection, sales, and delivery to the organization's internal quality management work in a standardized and procedural document method. Claim.


Establish a complete quality system framework

CONWELL selects and dispatches experienced staff and management technicians in various departments to participate in the construction of the system, so as to adopt a strong alliance model in the organization to ensure the development of the quality management system.

Clarify the responsibilities and relationships of personnel at various functions and levels, and clarify the competence requirements of various personnel in terms of education, training, skills and experience, to ensure that they are competent for the job, and participate in the establishment of the entire quality system through full participation During operation and maintenance activities, to ensure the smooth operation of all links of the company.

On the basis of ensuring quality and quantity, CONWELL has organized and held internal quality review meetings and quality management review meetings by itself since its operation to verify the compliance and effectiveness of the companys quality system operation, and provide for continuous improvement and perfection of the quality management system. The evidence.


Accumulation | Quality system that grows with customers

Of course, no system can be set in stone. The environment is changing and time is changing, so the needs of customers are constantly changing.

In order to adapt to the quality system as soon as possible, to face a variety of different environments and different customer needs.On the basis of completing the latitude construction of processes, standards, and culture, CONWELL actively collects customer feedback and listens to customer needs, based on customer needs to improve and improve the construction and development of the internal system, and seek to establish a Applicable to the common system of the broad customer base and CONWELL

"Know the demands of customers and turn the things that customers care about the most into our driving force for improvement."


Lean production, both quality and research

Quality is the life of an enterprise, and R&D is the foundation of an enterprise.

While focusing on production quality, CONWELL is also continuously investing in new R&D projects. In order to maintain its core competitive advantage, 4% of CONWELLs annual main business revenue is invested in product research and development, which has achieved significant results and achieved national high-tech Technological enterprises, Zhejiang Province science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, Yueqing City Star Enterprise, Yueqing City Enterprise Technology Research and Development Center and other honors.


In the future, CONWELL will invest more energy, from research and development to production, from material procurement to quality inspection, we will strictly control, and every step will be strictly monitored to ensure that every product produced by CONWELL has quality Guarantee.