How does the guy grip work?

Date:2023-11-20 02:43:14 click:205

The guy grip is applied by manually wrapping the legs of the guy grip around the conductor, grounding wire, or cable.

 The two helical legs of the guy grip wrap into an empty tube, and the preformed grip head closes into a circle.

When the guy grip's dead end is wrapped around the conductor or stay wire, it provides strong gripping strength to 

prevent slippage between the guy grip and conductors.

The closed circle is then connected to an anchor rod or insulators on a pole or tower.

Depending on the application, guy grip dead end clamps are used to connect the anchor rod on the pole end, wrap 

the conductor on the tower, or join the grounding wire.

The raw materials for the preformed guy grip include aluminum wire, galvanized steel wire, or aluminum-clad steel wire.

Rax Industry's preformed guy grip dead end is made from the same material as the components to which they are applied.

Each guy grip dead end clamp is color-coded, facilitating easy sizing of the conductor. Rax Industry's preformed grip has 

two lay directions: left or right.