Limited blood donation, unlimited love

Date:2020-08-19 10:16:20 click:621

To actively respond to Yueqing Chengdong Street

"Safe blood, save lives"

The company calls on CONWELL family to dedicate their love

Actively participate in unpaid blood donation activities

At 9 am, the CONWELL family came to the blood collection point on Chengdong Street

Line up to fill in the information seriously

In turn, fill in the form, physical examination, blood test and other links

Zhou Zhilong, head of CONWELL Administrative Center

Consult the details of blood donation carefully

Family members queued up to submit information and measure blood pressure in order

Volunteer to donate blood for self-interest.

During the fight against new coronavirus infections Retrograde for love, donate blood for sleeves,

The love of the family will be rolled through a bag of hot plasma Into the atrium of every person who needs a blood transfusionCompose a song that extends life.

We firmly believe

Every drop of blood donated can jump the vitality of life,

Donate blood for free and pass on love.