ODWAC Drop cable clamp Application

Date:2024-01-22 01:31:04 click:1104

Drop cable clamp can be used on buildings, poles, strand with drive hooks, pole brackets, ss hooks and other drop wire fittings and hardware.

Drop cable clamp are designed for installation on dead-end and double dead-ending network cable routes. The fiber optic drop cable clamp is

specifically engineered to withstand significant loads, preventing cable slip and damage.

The clamp's body and wire bail can be crafted from either stainless steel or aluminum, providing durability and a prolonged lifespan. The stainless

steel material ensures a long usage period, and options such as full stainless steel or plastic shims are available.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce the ODWAC telecommunication clamp from either metal or aluminum based on customer

requests. Additionally, we offer suitable accessories for ODWAC and FTTH poles.

These drop clamps and optical fiber cable brackets can be obtained separately or as part of an assembly. Whether you need individual components 

or a complete set, we provide versatile solutions for your telecommunication infrastructure needs.