Resin Joint Waterproof Box Application

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Resin Joint Waterproof Box Application

Resin joint waterproof box is made of engineering plastic and epoxy resin, called resin jont waterproof box. Insulated piercing clamps are also included in the wiring.

Resin joint waterproof box is also called cable branch junction box, cable waterproof junction box, buried waterproof junction box, street lamp wiring buried anti-stealing box, T-type cable junction box.

The resin joint waterproof box is mainly used for the cable branching and wiring project. The traditional branch wiring method needs to peel off the wire insulation sheath, wrap the wire with the wire, and wrap it with insulating tape. Insulating tape is easy to loosen and detach in wet and watery places, and it can not be waterproof and moisture-proof, and it is prone to short circuit caused by line failure. During the overhaul, it is necessary to check the line fault points one by one, troublesome maintenance, time-consuming labor, and can not work with electricity.

The resin joint waterproof box does not need to peel off the insulation skin, and it can be directly separated from the branch line without power off, and the working work is safe. Simple and easy to install, it has good insulation and anti-stealing performance and is maintenance-free.

Wiring installation method

1. First peel the cable sheath about 15-25 cm, and the cable insulation skin does not need to be stripped.

2. The end of the insulated piercing clamp is stuck on the main cable, and the other end is stuck on the branch line. Then the socket wrench is used to screw the nut on the clamp. When the upper end of the nut is twisted, the contact surface of the wire is in an optimal state. .

3. Wrap the foam sealing piece with the waterproofing box to wrap the cable, and place the waterproof box in the position reserved for the glue filling waterproof box.

4. Remove the separator bar in the middle of the epoxy resin and then mix the two glues evenly.

5. Open the glue filling port of the waterproof box and quickly pour the glue into the box.

6. After the epoxy resin is cured for about half an hour, the installation is completed.

The resin waterproof box has waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-stealing, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-impact, and excellent insulation and sealing. Can be buried underground or placed in water, maintenance-free maintenance, life expectancy is greater than cable life.

The resin waterproof box is used on the street lamp without digging the cable well, and a glue-filled waterproof box on one street lamp is sufficient to solve the branch wiring problem. The installation is simple and convenient, saves labor, saves time and labor, and greatly improves the construction progress of the project.

Waterproof waterproof box is used for waterproofing connection of low-voltage cable branches such as tunnels, bridges, forest gardens, municipalities, communications, buildings, scenic spots, fountains, etc.