How to selecting an insulation piercing connector (IPC)

Date:2023-09-12 03:18:01 click:424

When selecting an insulation piercing connector (IPC), consider the following factors:

Wire specifications: Determine the wire's specification, including its cross-sectional area and material type. Ensure that the chosen 

IPC is suitable for connecting these wires.Current load: Select an IPC with a rated current that can handle the load requirements of the 

circuit. It should be able to carry the required current without issues.

Insulation performance: Consider the IPC's insulation performance to ensure proper protection for the wire. Look for high-quality 

insulating materials and designs that provide effective insulation and reduce the risk of electric leakage.

Weather and corrosion resistance: Choose an IPC with good weather and corrosion resistance to withstand various environmental

conditions,particularly if it will be used outdoors or in wet environments.

Installation method: Select an installation method that suits your needs. Some IPCs require tools to clamp the wires, while others

have a manual clamping function. Choose one that aligns with your preferred installation process.

Certification standards: Look for IPCs that meet international or industry-related certification standards such as UL, CE, RoHS, etc., 

to ensure compliance with safety and quality requirements.

Consider all these factors comprehensively to choose an insulation piercing connector that suits your needs. 

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