Invitation: Welcome to the Enlit Africa 2024

Date:2024-05-17 01:54:40 click:361

We sincerely invite you to attend the upcoming Power Equipment Exhibition in South Africa. As a professional manufacturer of 

electrical fittings with 20 years of history, CONWELL will showcase our latest products and technologies, and we look forward 

to sharing our innovative achievements with you.

Since its establishment, CONWELL has been committed to providing high-quality electrical fittings to customers worldwide. 

Our products cover various fields, including power transmission, distribution, and electrical power transfer, earning widespread 

trust with their excellent performance and reliability. At this exhibition, you will have the opportunity to experience our newly 

developed high-efficiency electrical fittings firsthand and engage in face-to-face discussions with our technical experts about 

customized solutions.

Exhibition Details:

  • DateMay 21-23, 2024
  • Booth Number: H2B24

We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition, understanding your needs, and exploring opportunities for cooperation. 

Please schedule your visit in advance so we can arrange a dedicated reception for you, providing detailed product introductions 

and technical support.

Thank you for your continued support and trust. CONWELL looks forward to working with you to create a bright future in the 

electrical industry!

Contact Information:

We look forward to your visit!